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You are probably wondering what the name BARBAKAN means. It is actually a name for a special building in Poland. Many old cities in Europe were surrounded by thick walls that provided protection from enemy invasions. Traffic in and out of the city had to pass through the main gate, fortified by a round-looking building, called the Barbakan. So, Barbakan is the building that protects the gate. So why choose this name for a restaurant? It is quite simple. In 1987 two people had a common dream of opening a restaurant that would offer the best Polish food on this side of the ocean. Those two people were from two different, competing cities in Poland, Krakow and Warsaw. The one thing the two cities share is that they both have a Barbakan. The owners decided it would be strong enough of a name, which would hopefully protect the new business from any harm as they travel toward their dream. Years later and at a new location, Barbakan has been through a lot. Children became adults and now have their own children. The restaurant has been a part of many special events and continues to serve the Chicago’s community in the best possible way.

Barbakan offers an atmosphere of a Polish home. All the dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes of a typical Polish household. The food is always fresh, delicious, authentic, and affordable. We offer a wide selection of hearty soups that changes every day of the week. All entrees come with a side of potatoes or fries and fresh vegetable salads. Small portions of each entre are available at lower prices. Customers can purchase meal passes for $55. The pass is valid for 7 complete meals (including soup, entre, and a drink) and has to be used within 30 days of purchase date. We also assist with parties both by providing carry-out menus and on-site celebrations. Lunch delivery programs within a limited area. Minimum orders apply. Call for details.


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